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Alhociema, MOROCCO

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The great debaters

You might be wondering: what makes you so great? We didn't come up with the name we inherit it from The Great Debaters Morocco which is an NGO founded in 2009. Their story started from ENIM Univ in 2008, after watching the famous movie "great debaters", the art club got inspired and organized an actual competition against INPT Univ. The rest is history (ENIM won that debate if you're curious !).

Our Values


Debating is what we are about. From competitions to workshops you'll find arguments everywhere.

Public Speaking

Familiarize the students in a tolerant environment which will help them to progress in public speaking.

Impact Policy

The fruit of the great debaters' debates and competitions is to impact decision-makers and public policies.

Adverse Opinion

Help students defend their convictions while accepting dialogue and diversity of ideas.


Allow participants to prove their convincing skills to strengthen their self-confidence.


We teach our debaters how to launch campaigns to support the ideas they believe in.

In room 4 !

We give lectures in debate formats, communication, convincing and public speaking.

We discuss the subjects that concern us as teenagers, students, citizens & humans.

And of course, almost every single session is a debate session.

The club in numbers





100 %



Debate formats

British P guide

It is the most used format in international and national debate competitions and it is dedicated especially to university students. This format consists of 4 teams, each team has 2 members. The 1st and the 2nd team are the opening government and the closing government, which by default should support the motion. The 3rd and the 4th team are the opening opposition and the closing opposition, which by default should go against the motion...

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