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It all started from the national school of applied science

In 2014, the debate club of the national school of applied science Alhoceima got accredited by the great debaters. In the same year, the regional competition of the north took place in the university (check out the gallery for the after movie). Since that, the club created a very good impact on the university, by teaching the students the importance of communication & convincing.

Our board:

Hamza ait bamoh

Head of the team

Hajar naim

Vice president

Zarkti zakaria

IT & Media

Leban abdelrahman

HR & Finance

Abdejalil hammy


Ech-chayeb zakaria


Do words matter a lot ?

Words matter but not as much as you think. So what your tone & body say that words don't? According to Albert Mehrabian's rule, only 7% of a message is based on the words. The rest 93% is related to 2 other factors. In communication, a speaker’s words are only a fraction of his efforts. The pitch and tone of his voice, the speed and rhythm of the spoken word, and the pauses between those words may express ...

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