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Dec 28, 2019

British P guide

By Zarkti

About the format

It is the most used format in international and national debate competitions and it is dedicated especially to university students.

The format structure

This format consists of 4 teams, each team has 2 members. The 1st and the 2nd team are the opening government and the closing government, which by default should support the motion. The 3rd and the 4th teams are the opening opposition and the closing opposition, which by default should go against the motion.

The opening government consists of the prime minister and his deputy, and the closing government consists of the member and the whip. In the other hand the opening opposition consists of the leader and his deputy, and the closing opposition consists of the member and the whip.

Speakers roles & timing


Before the debate starts each 1 of the 4 teams has 20 min to prepare separately without communicating with the other teams.

Points of information

During a debater speech, after the 1st minute and before the last minute, every debater from the opposite side has the right to ask for a point of information for 15 sec.
The speaker has the right to take it or not.
If a point of information Is rejected the asker should wait 15 sec before asking again.


If the closing team contradicts the opening team on the same side of the debate we call this situation knifing and it can cause the loss of the closing team.

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